stand up and get crunk

In honor of the first NFL game of the season, we had a little pre-game pep rally tonight. If you’ve ever been to a Saints’ game, you’ve heard the song Halftime. My kids call it “the Saints song,” and they love it. What? Your kids don’t listen to Ying Yang Twins? Unfortunately, our little spirit session didn’t help the team pull off a win. If only I had uploaded it to YouTube a little sooner…

1. Do not judge me. I didn’t write the song, and we don’t use the word “crunk.”
2. Wells needs to work on his toe touch.
3. But, he has mad break dancing skills.
3. Yes, G asked me what “you better hide your lunch” means while I was recording.
4. No, I do not know.
5. But, I did google “crunk.”
6. Don’t do it. But, if you do, see #1.

All those in favor of G trying out for “So You Think You Can Dance,” say aye.

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  1. G has some mad dance skills! I kept thinking, “He is going to hit his head on that jagged table corner any second now” So glad I was wrong…