First things first. I don’t want you to treat me differently. Why would you, you ask? Because I am in a freaking major motion picture, that’s why. And by in it, I mean if you know exaaaaactly where to look, you will see me. Well not me, but me in a disguise. Me in a disguise for a half of a second. Whew. I feel better now that it’s all out there.

We went to The Help premiere in Madison and to the party before at The Fairview. It was such a fun day. The party started at 11:30 and of course, we were late. When we walked in, the first person I saw was Jessica Chastain. She plays Celia in the movie, and she is so sweet. I sat at her table during the benefit scene, and it was so neat to see her do her thing. When I saw her at The Fairview, I told her the same, and she said she remembered me too (WHATEVER… told you she was sweet).

with Jessica Chastain

as Celia...

Other peeps from the movie. I apologize for being in all the pictures. You will be super tired of the dress when this is over…

with Jane and Viola Davis...

I look too excited in this picture with Emma Stone. Like I am gonna eat her or something...

with Allison Janney...

Director Tate Taylor...

Look how tiny Kathryn Stockett is... that dress would have swallowed her. But you can tell she still wants it anyway.

with my manager, photographer, agent, bodyguard boyfriend at the malco

With Kathryn who talked me into this mess in the first place. I gotta stop with that hand hippie thing

being silly on the red carpet

The movie was great. It was funny and sad and sweet and I was pleasantly surprised. Jessica Chastain was my favorite. She nailed Celia and did Sugar Ditch, Mississippi proud. Viola Davis gave an unforgettable performance as Abilene, and Octavia Spencer was perfectly cast (and hilarious) as Minnie. You will hate Bryce Dallas Howard (Hilly) by the end of the movie. Allison Janney and Sissy Spacek did a fantastic job lightening up an otherwise heart wrenching movie. And Emma Stone… she is freaking Emma Stone. She could just stand there and it would be cool. Speaking of cool, she was in the bathroom stall next to me at The Malco. We are practically besties.

The movie opens tomorrow, so promise me you’ll go see it. I really think you will like it. If you do see it, be on the look out for a yellow dress wearing, cat-eyed librarian on the bottom right side of the screen during the Jackson Junior League meeting. I also appear (from behind) walking up the steps to the benefit and briefly (from the neck down) leaving the benefit. I am practically famous.

Let me know what you think…

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  1. girl, i TOTALLY saw you in the movie! and katie! i am so proud to have peeps who are famous – and i want your autograph!

    seriously, though. i went with a friend and i grabbed her arm saying, “see the yellow dress!?!?!?! that’s my friend! oh my gosh – watch when they pan back across. {pause} SEE! there she is!!!”

    the movie was great!

  2. May I just say, WOW.

    Now that looked fun. You lucky girl!

    Did you keep the yellow dress?

  3. Hilary is coming ‘home’ to St. Ringer the end of August for Lindsey’s Baby Brunch and Cousin Baby Shower. We have plans for all the girls (Me, Ashlea, Lindsey, Hilary and Ashlin) to go see The Help…..and to look for our fav-o-rite actress….YOU!! Will you please sign our books for us the next time you are ‘home’ in St. Ringer? We love you!!

  4. You are prettier than all the actresses!