I promise this is {almost} the last time we will talk about this…

The Help movie premiere is tomorrow in Madison at the Malco. What the what? A movie premiere in Mississippi? In July? In the middle of the afternoon? Don’t they remember how sweaty everyone in Mississippi looked in A Time to Kill? If stars actually do attend, and there is a “red carpet,” I hope they bring those misty fan things they sell at Disney World. It isn’t going to be pretty, y’all. I have tickets to attend and for the life of me, can’t figure out what to wear. Can you wear a wife beater to a movie premiere? (Don’t you love how I made it sound like I’m on the VIP list by leaving out the part about BUYING the tickets?) It should be fun, and I really am excited to see the movie. Lots of people (my mom and sister) have asked me if I will be disappointed if I don’t actually end up in the film. To this, I respond, “If I don’t see my ‘hive, I will survive.” Not really, because that is super lame, and I am not.

But, I really will not be disappointed because being an extra in the movie was actually a pretty good time. It was like a week long vacation/slumber party. I made new friends (the real kind, not Facebook), didn’t have to do my own hair and makeup, and got to sit at the same table with Mike Vogel for a week. And don’t even get me started on the food in Greenwood. Lusco’s, Giardina’s and Delta Bistro… yum, yum and yum. You shouldn’t be surprised that I am anxiously awaiting the next movie filming in Mississippi (and the arrival of my SAG card). Here are a few “behind the scenes” pics I haven’t shared…

On the way to G'wood...

benefit scene was filmed here...

and again...

Anna and the big stars from the benefit scene...

delta cup holders

yes, we went out with that hair

sweet girls

whoever thought to bring Catchphrase rocked... oh yeah, it was me.

stars' trailers

with Jane and Tate Taylor's dad (he was super nice)

pulling the all nighter

Leslie Jordon (on a ladder)

Shelby and Sissy

I hope the movie does the book justice. And doesn’t make Mississippi look like the armpit of the South. Speaking of pits, I’d better load up on the Secret tomorrow.

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  1. Hi!!!!! You do not have a photo with Mike Vogel???? You were lucky! *_____________*

    • I just didn’t have the nerve to ask. Did you see how pretty he is? Leslie Jordon was a close second, don’t you think?

  2. Oh, yeah! haha you’re right! hahaha I am a big fan of Mike! and I envy you so much!! How is he in reality? More beautiful than it is on video? * _ * (Sorry for my bad English! I’m italian: D)

  3. Oh my! pls let me know what you think after you see it!!! I am gonna feel super lame if you report that you couldn’t find you or ME in there anywhere!!!! I am kinda kicking myself for not buying tickets – oh well. Just watched Bryce and Viola on Paula Deen. Have Fun!!

  4. Do you remember Tate Taylor’s dad’s name?
    I think I might know him.