biscuits, book club and baseball

Anna recently invited me to a dinner party at her house. She totally impressed me with her entertaining skills. I tend to stress out and need everything to be done, well in advance, when I have folks over. Not Anna. She waited until we got there, and then gave a biscuit tutorial. Biscuits. From scratch. While we all stood around watching. Skills, my friends, skills. Plus they were delish…

A few days later, she hosted book club. She said she likes to knock it out while the house is clean. Hilarious. Anyhoo, our book club is great, and the books we choose keep getting better and better. Our most recent was Room by Emma Donoghue.

This book was so different from what I typically read (Nicholas Sparks *Sob*). If you read Weird Sisters and decided not to take anymore of my book advice, please give me another chance. Room is fantastic. It is so good that I stayed up until three in the morning reading it. This is relevant because usually I like sleep way more than I like books.

no, that is not sk's foot

Last but not least, my baby bird is playing baseball. I’ve always liked baseball more than other sports (though I admit, it could have had something to do with those pants). I never could have imagined how much better it would be watching my little guy run around the bases.

G had a hard time staying off the field. This guy does not know he is two. Every time someone asks him how old he is, he says four. He also says his hair is green, but that is irrelevant to the baseball story.

this. is. not. fair.

i gots this

next up... backward helmet guy

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  1. I love ROOM too! Only 20 pages left, which is amazing b/c I read it in less than 2 weeks!!! Thanks for letting me borrow!