summer yummies

Have you ever been asked to bring a side to a party but are not sure what to bring? Try this. It is so yummy. And pretty. Isn’t that what we want in our summer side dishes? Yummy and pretty? Thought so.

But what about dessert, you ask? I am so glad you did. Mix up a box of white cake mix, according to directions. Or, make your kid do it. They have to earn their keep somehow.
While it is baking, combine one can of cream of coconut with a can of condensed milk. I use fat free condensed milk, because it makes me feel better about myself.

When the cake is done, remove it from the oven. If you don’t, this next step will singe your arm hair. Poke holes all over the pretty cake with a wooden pick. “Does the pick have to be wooden?” No. Do you have golden picks, moneybags? Now pour the coconut mixture over the cake and watch it soak up all the yummy goodness.

When the cake is completely cool, ice it with Cool Whip. Whip it good.
Now, you have yourself a Pina Colada cake. It is so good, you’ll want to marry it. You want me to be a bridesmaid? I’d be honored. But, I am picking out my dress.

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