friday faves

Some things to try this weekend (if you haven’t already)…

1. Magnum White ice cream bars. Vanilla bean ice cream dipped in white chocolate… delicious. During college, I spent a summer in London. I ate so many of these things that on the way back I had to pay a baggage fee for the extra junk in my trunk. (Why didn’t you stop me, Beth and Ginny?) Lucky for my pants, they were not available in these United States… until now. Katy bar the door (to Walmart) because it. is. on.

2. Giada De Laurentiis Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce. This stuff rocks my socks… definitely the best jarred sauce I have ever had. I buy a jar every time I go to Target (see below) in fear that they will stop carrying it. I’ve used it in lasagna, spaghetti and baked ziti and have gotten zero complaints… so easy. And, have you seen how skinny Giada is? I’m pretty sure this stuff has no fat or calories.

3. Broadbent Vinho Verde. It is reasonably priced, tastes fantastic and is in a pretty bottle. It is light and almost tastes a little bubbly. Like liquid candy. How’s that for a wine review? Madison Cellars stocks it locally.

4. Water for Elephants. The book was great. The movie was great. Rob Pattinson is hot… Uh, I mean great. And great is an understatement.

Have a great weekend!

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