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The new Adele CD “21” is fantastic. I’ve had it on so much that my kids know all the words to “Rolling in the Deep.” Obsessed much?

Love her. And her home. And her hair. Totally trying to rock an “Adele tail.”

What is that look on my face? Disgust? Loneliness? Shame for taking my own pic in the bathroom mirror? Ding ding. And what am I doing with that other arm? Ugh. Speaking of bathroom, I recently hung this new frame/chicken wire/holder thingy in there. I think it was meant for notes or photos, but I think it is super cute with jewelry on it.

Moving to the kitchen. I don’t eat breakfast very often. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I like sleep more. I might have to set my alarm earlier because I really like this combo. Greek yogurt (Dannon plain), granola (Bear Naked), and honey (Jasper County). It is yummy.

Wells and G had Easter pics scheduled for 4:10 this afternoon. You know, because we need more pictures of our kids. The pictures are taken outside with a bunny and baby chick, and we do them every year. I checked the forecast last night and was sure they’d be cancelled due to a high chance of rain. I put G down for a nap at 2, but he wouldn’t go to sleep. He finally fell asleep at 3:45. The picture lady texted at 3:46 and said we were still on, as it was not raining yet at her house. Uh oh. I hadn’t even picked out what they would wear. I threw something on Wells, and woke G from his 10 minute siesta. He wasn’t happy. We will leave it at that. As we pulled out of the driveway, I had a feeling this wasn’t a good idea. The closer we got to her house, the darker the sky grew. When I opened the door to get them out of the car, it thundered loudly. She motioned me to come on. Seriously? We are doing this? I didn’t even notice what they looked like until they sat down for the pictures. Wells’ hair hadn’t been brushed, G’s face was red and puffy from crying and it looked like I had accidentally switched their clothes. Wells was in hot pants, and Graham’s were so loose he will be referred to as Young Geezy from this point forth. He would not crack a smile, and the picture lady asked me to help. What makes Geezy smile? Duck and Goose find a pumpkin, duh.

It is Geezy’s favorite book. As I began the reenactment, which included waddling and quacking like a duck and saying “the whaaaaat,” a guy I once dated and his lovely wife walked up. They (and their adorable, well fitted children) had the next appointment. Really? This just can’t get any better. Sure it can. She snapped two pictures before the tornado siren started going off. I swooped in to scoop up my baby birds, but she waved me back. I have to give her credit. She is one determined photographer. I am sure the pictures will reflect the moment perfectly. Nothing says Easter like ill fitting outfits and terror filled eyes. After we were excused, we waited in the ditch with our heads between our knees until it was safe to drive home. Luckily, the tornado only touched down in our playroom. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

I’ll be back soon with a recap of our weekend camping trip. I know, I know… you cannot handle the suspense. You can be such a smarty sometimes. But, I like you anyway.

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