I love silent auctions

A few months back SK and I attended a charity event for the Jackson Zoo. We won a trip to the lovely inn pictured above. We decided it was time to cash in our prize and made the reservation. Did I mention it is at the beach? Did I mention it is spring break? Oh boy. What were we thinking? A sweet guy at work pointed out that I would be the only “old lady” in the bar that doesn’t get carded. I. Can’t. Wait.

ps- Please don’t take this post as an invitation to burglarize our home. I didn’t tell you exactly when we are going, you know. And we have a security system. And dobermans. Lots of dobermans.

ps#2- If you do burglarize our home, please take that awful pear painting we bought in 2003. But leave my girl scout cookies.

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  1. U think u would invite the people that were with u at the auction, but I guess not.