Garden Party

Last weekend we planted our backyard veggie garden. I know what you are thinking, but I AM from Jasper county. We plant tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and herbs. My Dad built the above ground box a few years ago, and we have really enjoyed it.

See G in the background? He really has a green thumb.

G! Put that down!


hands off mom's maters

Here is Wells watering “the crops”…

And here he is back in 2009…

It is unreal how fast time goes by. Makes me sad. Switching gears…

Nan: You know there is a cobra loose in New York? I saw it on Fox News.
Me: I did not. Why are you telling me this?
Nan: Y’all are going to New York, aren’t you?
Me: In like a month…
Nan: Well you can’t go if they don’t find that Cobra. They set up a twitter channel for it.
Me: Whaaaaa? The snake is on twitter?
Nan: You should tweet it.
Me: I am so confused.
Nan: Tweet the snake on his channel. Or google it to your blog. He has a lot of tweeters.
Me: (cannot reply because I am laughing so much I begin to snort)

By the end of the conversation, we were both laughing so hard we just had to hang up. Thank you for making my day, Nan. XOXO

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  1. There’s also some vicious garden snakes on the run in NYC!
    I’m going there on May 18th!!