winner winner chicken dinner

I won two quarters in my office Super Bowl pool. It somewhat made up for the awful commercials. Other than the finger sucking, they were pretty much lame. I woke up thinking about what I should do with my windfall. I have decided to invest in some chickens. I’ve always wanted a backyard coop, so it is now or never. And not just any chickens. The pretty, furry ones.

Aren’t they the cutest things you have ever seen? I will need a chicken coop for my little darlings. How about this one…

Or this one (minus the tiny, creepy horse)…

Oops. I think that might send me over budget. Plus, I’m not sure if Mayor Mary allows chickens inside the city limits. I guess I will take a small step in the right direction and just buy the flower pin from the top photo. I don’t want my someday chickens to be embarrassed by my lack of accessories, and that tiny horse is already judging me.

(Seriously, I really do want chickens someday)

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  1. What happens when the chickens attack you when you try to feed them? (Yah… what then?)

  2. Get some chickens. Just don’t get a male one.

  3. you are hilarious!! I am so glad your mom told me about your blog…keep the beauty secrets coming!!!