Bipolar Express

We had a great Thanksgiving holiday, and I hope you did too. I am still in a turkey coma. The day after Thanksgiving, we took Wells and Lily to Birmingham to ride the Polar Express. Kids wear their pjs, ride a train to the “North Pole”, eat cookies and milk and visit with Santa. They enjoyed it. Wells said his favorite part was riding the elevator at the hotel.

Wells with Santa and Mrs. Claus on last year’s ride. Santa has really aged… and apparently remarried. Poor Mrs. Claus.

We got our first Christmas card in the mail yesterday. It sent me into a downward spiral. Not only do I not have cards, I don’t have a picture. Is it just me, or does this “picture for the Christmas card” thing stress you out? Every card we get has a perfect picture on it. If you ask me, I think people are drugging their children. I have narrowed the choices for our card down to the following. Feel free to vote for your favorite in the comments section.

#1 The boys

#2 Or maybe you prefer one of the family…

#3 I’m thinking a lovely trifold card..

It is going to be really tough to decide.

Today is my sweet Mama’s Birthday. She always puts others first. We all call her Nan but that isn’t her name. She is really funny but doesn’t try to be. She watches too much Fox News. So much that my niece says, “Nan, your boyfriend is on TV” when the Glen Beck show is on. She keeps my children every time I ask and is an awesome grandmother. If you run into her today, give her a big hug for me.

Happy Birthday, Nan! You are the best.

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  1. I vote for pic #2! For sure!!!

  2. i absolutely adore your blog!!!!! oh – and yeah – i understand the Christmas picture thing. a friend who is a photog took ours – thank the Lord!