Happy Halloween

Hello, loves. I’ve missed you. It has been super busy around here lately. I told Halloween that next weekend would be better for me, but it didn’t care. So we carved a pumpkin.

wells and jack

G decided to share...

...but had second thoughts

We finally got boo’d. I say finally because we were the last ones in the neighborhood. Like. Very. Last. Even the recluse that hates children and vacant houses got boo’d before us.

he was not sharing. he just wanted me to open it.

And we went trick-or-treating. G would NOT wear his lion costume. He screamed like someone was pinching him until we took it off. Luckily, we had another of Wells’ second hand costumes lying around. He did not freak out when we put the costume on, but would not wear the Curious George mask. I never really thought he would. So, G went as a kid in a brown felt jumpsuit.

Wells: “what the heck is she wearing?”

the lovely Lily

fire chief Wells

There were lots of golf carts and hay rides in our neighborhood. My group was not impressed by their mode of transportation.

redneck golf cart

this is soooo unfair

G cried every time he saw a golf cart and Wells and Lily begged to go on a hayride. Kids these days. When I was little, we had to drive at least five miles between houses. In the snow.

nan, give us all your candy

After the sugar detox, they went to bed. It was a fun night. This time of year seems to go by so quickly, doesn’t it? I mean, next week is Thanksgiving and the week after is Christmas. Maybe they aren’t as pushy as Halloween and will agree to back off a bit.

Have a good week!

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  1. Where in the world did you get those adorable glasses? They look like they came right out of the sixties!

  2. Hey there!! Looks like y’all had a fun-filled Halloween. Love all the pics. I also love those glasses – wherever can I find a pair?!