Not again…

I am almost embarrassed to say I did another scene in The Help. It is like a bad relationship. TH slaps me around and I keep going back for more. For example…

in retro specs, i should have known better

Wow. Those are awesome. You want a pair, don’t you? Whatever. You don’t have to be so mean.

The author of the book, Kathryn Stockett, was also an extra in the scene. I got bumped from the hair chair so she could have hers done. I mean really? The nerve of some people. You’d think she was the reason we were all there or something.

me and the sister wives

The scene was a Jackson Junior League meeting and it lasted most of the day. During lunch (at 3 p.m.), they pulled me and my bud Katie for an additional scene. We had to change costumes and haul it back to the set. I didn’t even get to finish my pie. When we got to the JLJ “headquarters,” they sent us upstairs and told us to wait. All dressed up with no place to go. About three hours in, it was apparent they were not coming for us. That’s right… TH stood me up. Most likely for another girl. Or two. They probably had better hair and were not wearing horn-rimmed librarian glasses. TH is such a womanizer.

If TH calls and wants me back, I am not going to answer. But, I might listen to the voicemail, and maybe text ’em if I’m drunk. But that is it. We are so done.

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  1. I agree! Why do we keep going back for more? I’m not even going to lie about it. If they called me back I know I would go. Help me from The Help!

  2. ughhh!!! i want a retake – the wrap party was this weekend – my invitation must have gotten “lost”! can you say “used and abused” but i liked it!!!! 😉

  3. you crack me up!!! i’m so glad you told me about your wowie site =)