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Do you wash your hair every day? You do, don’t you? You think you HAVE to, right? Well guess what… you don’t. I only wash mine a few times a week. It is better for your hair and seriously, who has time to wash hair everyday? You will, however, need some product intervention. Dry shampoo is the answer. There are tons of pricey options on the market. Oscar Blandi, Bumble and Bumble, Ojon, Bedhead… tons. I tried most of them and was not impressed. A few years ago, my super in-the-know friend, Candace, told me about Psssssst. It has been around since the 70’s and is available at Walgreens and Walmart for $5.99. Did I mention it received an Allure Editor’s Choice Award for 2010?

an ad from the 70's...

Not only does it allow you to skip a day, it adds volume and makes your hair pretty much awesome. Just lift sections of your hair and spray at your roots. Make sure you hold the can 6-8 inches away from your hair. Don’t be shy. Really… go nuts. You can’t use too much. I promise if you try it, you will like it. And, your hair will look better. So… what are you waiting for?

**Note** Psssssst is really better for light hair because it leaves a white residue. If you are a brunette, use it lightly or go with this one.

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