Lights, Camera, {Not Much} Action!

I was in Greenwood for six, long days and it was quite an experience. The first day while I was waiting for hair and makeup, I met two girls from Madison. Jane and Anna. They were besties. They were hilarious. I invited myself to their party.

Speaking of hair and makeup, you would not believe how serious both were taken. We had 5 a.m. call times most days and it took several hours to get everyone through. They took pictures the first day and each day we filmed we were supposed to have the exact look. Even down to the lipstick. You were told your color and that is what you wore the entire time. No outside makeup was allowed. Of course, I got busted using my own gloss. I am a rebel like that.

big tease

My hair will be billed separately in the credits. It was referred to as “the hive” and “armadillo shell” and “cyclone”. None of which are very flattering.

people think they are so funny...

my new friends... aren't they cute?

The last day on set our call time was 10:15 a.m. We wrapped at 3:15 a.m. Not p.m… a.m. SEVENTEEN flipping hours.
We filmed outside (lots of lighting) and every bug in the Delta was there for the big event. Around 1 a.m. I was attacked by a gang of crickets. Shortly after, it felt like something was crawling up my leg. I tried to scratch my left leg with my right foot and the heel of my shoe got caught in my hem. Not good. I lost my balance and fell into the bushes. If you don’t believe me just look for the indention my hair left in the Greenwood courthouse landscaping. Luckily, they weren’t filming at the time.

Top five reasons to never be a movie extra…

1. They molest your hair. The only thing teased more than my hair is a seven year old in a smocked onesie. And once it is done it is property of the studio. You sleep in a hairnet wrapped in toliet paper. And don’t even think about washing your hair. It isn’t in your contract.

2. You have no input on your onscreen spouse. And there are no onsite counseling services. Can you say “six day long blind date”?

3. There is a lot of downtime. I learned to play several new card games. Jane learned to knit. We refurbished a ’64 Mustang.

4. The food sucks. Nothing in the buffet line goes together. Corn beef? Check. Ravioli, black beans, and tuna salad? Check check check. And you can forget salt or flavor. They are taking a skip day. The “crew”, aka everyone but the extras, eats awesome food in a separate location. I’m really not bitter.

5. They film the same scene over and over and over. And then from different angles. It felt like Groundhog Day. Glad I wasn’t an extra in that one…

I know there are a ton of things I left out but I can’t seem to think. Maybe it is the sleep depravation. Maybe the bobby pins punctured my brain. I am just glad to be home.

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