California (Part II)

After we left San Francisco we drove to Monterey which is about two hours south. The only eventful thing I recall from the ride was my first ever In-N-Out burger. Oh my stars and little chickens! It was super tasty but I tried not to get too attached as there are none available in the Southern states. SK had a meeting when we got to Monterey, so Wells and I hung out in the sports bar at the hotel. We played pool and drank beer. Kidding. They had pinball and a popcorn machine. He was in heaven.

We went to dinner at a hole in the wall place called Monterey Fish House. I got the “special” pasta dish with shrimp, crab, something something, something else and artichokes. We had bananas foster for dessert. It was probably the best meal I’ve ever had. I almost cried because I couldn’t eat it all. I got a to g o box because Wells told me there was a microwave in the room. Turns out it was a safe. At least no one could take my leftovers.

This is...


The next morning Wells and I visited the Monterey Aquarium. There were a lot of people. And fish. It was exactly as we’d expected.

We met up with SK after lunch and drove down highway one. It was breathtaking. Ocean on one side, mountain on the other. We did 17-mile drive which is where Pebble Beach is located. The houses were gigantic and the Lodge at Pebble Beach was super nice.

Wait... What? Tsunami Zone? Baby, get back in the car...

SK had a work dinner in Carmel so Wells and I ate junk food and made smores.

Wells took this pic with my camera...

And here he is taking one with his bread camera... What? He gets it honest.

Then we went to the hot tub. In case you were wondering, four year olds don’t like hot tubs. I am not crazy about them either. Overall, bad idea. Should’ve taken him back to the sports bar…

The next day, Wells and I went back to the aquarium for a bit (more people, more fish) and walked around Cannery Row. SK met up with us and we drove to Carmel for lunch. Carmel is adorable. I could have spent an entire week there exploring the little shops. We had lunch at Casanova’s and it was also ridiculous. I had a grilled artichoke which probably doesn’t sound very good but believe me, it was. Sounds like all we did was eat. Pretty much. No wonder my white jeans are snug…


After lunch we drove from Carmel to Big Sur. I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful it was. You know what they say, “a picture is worth blah blah blah”… here you go.

One day I would love to go camping in Big Sur. We didn’t get to spend nearly enough time there.

As we were packing up, Wells begged to stay for one more day or five more weeks. It wasn’t an option since my parents had informed me baby G was calling his pacifier “mama”. Thanks. Did you really have to tell me that?

The trip was great and Wells wants to live in California now. Don’t get a big head, California. He also wants to live in Disney World, New Orleans and Target. Hope you are having a good week!

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