Little Gamers

Say hello to my boys.  The shirtless wonders are playing video games.  Yes, I know those are remote controls… but THEY don’t.

Me:  Time for bed.

W:  But Mama, I need to finish this Bideo game.

Me:  ???

W:  Gus needs to finish his too…

You:  Who is Gus?

Since we have a “no video game” rule, I guess this will have to do.  Maybe they will never know the difference.  Look how happy they are… I’m not telling them.

What?  Don’t judge me.  You tell your kid the cops are going to arrest him if he doesn’t stop screaming in Wal-Mart.

One day they will add it to the list of shams…  Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, The Bachelor.  Oops.  Maybe I should have given you a spoiler alert.  My bad.

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