Can’t get enough of you, love…

The following is a list of things that really light my fire this summer…

1.  OPI’s Suzi Says Feng Shui nail polish… on toes of course.  Couldn’t find a link.  It’s smurfy.

2.  Blue Diamond  Lime ‘n Chili Almonds.  Do you have a hundy a month to spend on almonds?  If not, don’t try them.  They are addictive. You will eat a can a day IF you can find them.  That is a big if because they are super hard to find.  I’ve gone so far as to order them from Amazon… by the case.

3.  Line 39 Savignon Blanc.  This is a great alternative to my old pal Spy Valley.  Costs less and I dig the bottle.

4. Turquois and Orange.  Clothes, furnishings…anything.  See the above bottle. And the one below.

5.  Morroccanoil Original Hair Treatment.  I think they make this from angel’s blood.  Your frizzy mop will transform before your very eyes.  Works great for curly or straight hair.  You can use it before or after you dry.  Or both.  Trust me.

6.  Green Mountain Island Coconut K Cups… Perfect for summer.  It reminds me of the beach. YUM.

Too much love.  How about some things that I think suck…

1.  Diet Pepsi

2.  Five year old boys in monogrammed john johns and/or bubbles (bet i just lost some readers)

3.  Oil Spills

4.  The word ‘Kiosk’

5.  Nickelback

I love lists.  We will be doing this again soon. Hope you had a happy 4th!

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